Fritz Bussemaker

Bussemaker has been working in the International ICT industry since 1988 focused on Information Technology, Innovation and Impact. Since 2010 he is the Secretary General International Relations with CIONET. A network of over 6000 CIOs/Digital Leaders cross industry and across Europe and South America. He is responsible for the relationship with the European Commission and other CIO communities around the globe. He is part of the international workgroup of the European Commission developing eSkills and eLeadership. He sits on the board of advice of a number of (international) organizations including the global Industry Council of the IFIP, an UNESCO based organization, Digital Africa, the WCIT2010 (Amsterdam), WCC2012 (Amsterdam) and WCF 2104 (Xian) FinTech Ideas Festival 2017 (San Francisco) conferences. He is a regular speaker and chair at (international) ICT events, writer of blogs and columns and a contributed to a number of books on Business Process Management and Innovation. See for more information.