Rui Serapicos is an international consultant with extensive experience in Management Consulting, IT Strategy, Business Casing and business decision making. Presently he is Managing Partner of Acumen Consulting as well as “stringer” for Gartner Consulting. His international background in sectors like Banking, Telecommunications, Big Pharmas, Retail and Services bestow a fresh approach to the most up-to-date challenges in process management and decision making. Throughout his career Rui Serapicos developed his expertise with various organizations and clients including General Electric, Gartner, Information Builders, Nokia, HP, CGD, Staples, Boehringer and Amgen.

Expertise in
- Management Consulting
- IT Strategy
- Technology Management
- Green IT
- Community Building
- Program Management

Rui Serapicos received his Master degree in business administration (MBA) from IMD – Lausanne, Switzerland and his BSc. in Computing and Business from the University of London.
He also holds several certifications in project management, six sigma and technology management.